Our solution enables to streamline your workflow, capture and transmit critical data in digital format.
This flexible and easy-to-use tool, optimize, manage and automate the document flow in your company, making the process more efficient and boost your business.

Our software solution integrates seamlessly with other external databases, enable the users to communicate and cooperate easily. It is perfectly compatible with Contman Archive and DP.
We adapt our product to market changes and trends, so it is always up-to-date and meets all client's requirements.

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contman workflow



Product features

  • automation of business processes by automatically assigning tasks and initiating processes
  • registration status issues and informing users about the change
  • convenient configuration at each stage of work
  • a possibility of assigning roles, including an introduction of a hierarchy
  • a possibility of integration with third party software
  • performing different operations on any defined process
  • defining automatic steps
  • the ability to analyze service order history

How it works

Why customers like our solution


Our products are flexible and tailored to specific customer needs


We offer fully integrated products that complement one another


Easily accessible, user-friendly way to import, transfer or store documents and streamline information