An advanced solution for document management processes that is the cost efficient, eco-friendly choice for your business.It transforms paper into electronic documents and extracts key information allowing easy and quick access.

Our product helps manage and track all of the paperwork in the company. It can be customized to specific needs and requirements. You can focus on your core business while CONTMAN DP manages your documents effortlessly, save employees' time and enables them to work more efficiently.

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contman document processing


Product features

      • scanning or importing documents as digital files

automatic or manual description of documents (indexing) to facilitate their later


  • a possibility to scan documents in color, monochrome or in shades of gray
  • connecting to external databases so the information can be imported and correct and unequivocal description of documents guaranteed
  • customizable barcode recognition module (one and two dimensional) and the possibility of  using them in the document indexing process

How it works

Why customers like our solution


Our products are flexible and tailored to specific customer needs


We offer fully integrated products that complement one another


Easily accessible, user-friendly way to import, transfer or store documents and streamline information